Fire Alarm
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Fire Alarm

The alarm is beeping. How do I get it to stop?

Press the SILENCE or ACKNOWLEDGE button. The system is working just as it is supposed to work. It is communicating an off-normal condition that needs attention. Read the LCD screen. It will tell you the issue and at that building/area of your property it is happening.

If you determine that you need service, use our request service form at the top of this page.

  • Some common messages are:
  • Comm trouble error
  • Open ckt
  • Supv trbl
  • Trbl AC
  • Low batt

I press reset on the alarm and the alarm goes off again. How do I make it stop?

Pressing RESET resets the system so it will find the problem again. Press SILENCE or ACKNOWLEDGE to silence the beeping.

The panel is asking for a password. What is the password for my fire alarm panel?

Enter the password or turn the key to access the silence and acknowledge function.

How do I cancel an alarm?

First, you must be confident without any doubt that a real emergency does not exist. Call 800.293.4515 to cancel the alarm.  Be prepared to give your account# and password.

Will I be charged for false alarm?

Usually, the jurisdiction will allow a certain amount of false alarms without any charges.  After that amount there are charges.  Check with your local fire department for these guidelines.

Do I need a permit?

Many cities/counties require a permit for each alarm system you have. Check with your local fire department to see if your location requires a permit.  Remember to supply your permit number to your monitoring company.

How do I put my account on test?

To place your system on test, call 800.293.4515 and give your account number and password. Place the system on test anytime you are performing work that will affect the fire alarm or sprinkler system.

Does my fire alarm system need to be monitored?


How much does monitoring cost?

Depends. Budget around $50.00

Does every unit have to be inspected?


Can I give you the key to a unit to do service?


How long does the inspection take?

What can I tell my tenants to expect during an annual

How often do batteries need to be changed?

A: batteries need to be tested with proper equipment before replacing.

How do I request service?

You may go to our website and fill out the request for service form completely.

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I have a phone line from a cable package. Can I use this for monitoring?


I don’t have phone line, what are my options for monitoring my security alarm?

What happens if I have a false alarm?

Do I have to monitor my alarm? What does it cost?

The keypad has a trouble light. What does it mean?

Do I need a permit?

What if my system needs service?

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Access Control

What regular maintenance can I do to make my gate stay

A: Keep chain greased and tension tight at least once a month

The remotes won’t program.  Why?

My remote doesn’t work?

A: Must check the battery first, most of the time replacing it works

My computer won’t dial my dialer?

A: At times the phones are shared with a fax machine and others. All lines
must be clear before dialing so that a connection can be made.

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How do I retrieve an event?

How do I make recording?

My TV is turning its self off, I can’t get it to

A: There are two switches under the screen the power button stays on so
that you can power on/off with remote control.

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I am receiving calls in the middle of the night? What do I do?

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My music plays for awhile then it cuts off?

A: Turn the main unit off and reset the main control volume usually it’s
that control that is turned put to loud.

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